Legacy Homes is focused on having a very High Energy Efficiency level in every new build. Every new home is ran through a Heating and Ventilation Design Summary, and then built to that standard. This ensure furnaces and duct work are specifically matched to the home being built. Our HRV systems are standard equipment and are balanced to ensure proper ventilation in every new home. By providing these steps we can ensure that clients who live in a Legacy Home can expect minimal heating cost and a very comfortable home for the years to come.

In order to effectively improve the energy efficiency of our homes we focus on “Building In” energy efficiency. This is the cheapest way to improve energy efficiency and is superior compared to adding R-Value after a home has been built. This practice has allowed us to have a high energy efficiency rating that goes above and beyond what the building code asks of home builders.

Our energy efficiency standard includes:

  • R-50 Insulation in the Attic
  • R-27 Insulation in Exterior Walls
  • R-20 Basement Insulation
  • Highly Rated Energy Summary on our Windows & Doors
  • Spray Foam Insulation on all Door & Window Openings.

These are the standard materials we use to improve our Energy Efficiency Rating. Legacy Homes also offers upgraded insulation packages to further improve the energy efficiency of your home.